Banaras Couple Elopes After Family Cancels Wedding Due To Disagreement Over Dowry
Banaras Couple Elopes After Family Cancels Wedding Due To Disagreement Over Dowry
It shows the societal pressures surrounding marriage and dowry in India, raising conversations about the importance of gender equality.

The ancient city of Varanasi, renowned for its spiritualism and Hindu temples, has recently captured social media attention with a viral video depicting a bride and groom eloping on a motorcycle. Initially shocking netizens, it was later revealed that the groom was the bride’s husband and they eloped due to opposition from the groom’s family regarding their marriage.

In the video, the bride, adorned in a traditional red lehenga and the groom, dressed in a white kurta, is seen riding a bike through the streets of Banaras in the dead of night. Media reports suggest that the couple chose to elope as the groom’s family objected to the marriage due to the bride’s family’s refusal to provide a dowry. Following this disagreement, the groom’s family departed from the bride’s home, prompting the couple’s decision to elope and marry at a local temple.

Uploaded to Instagram by user Shubham Kapsethi, the video quickly went viral, amassing over 2.4 million views. In the caption, Shubham humorously remarked on societal norms, stating, “Everything is possible in Banaras.”

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Following the video’s circulation, netizens praised the groom’s courage and expressed admiration for his support of the bride. Many commenters lauded the importance of having a caring life partner, while one individual humorously inquired about the fasting rituals required to find such husbands.

The viral incident also prompted personal anecdotes from users, with one recalling a similar situation involving a friend in Delhi. According to the user, his friend married his love interest after his family refused to accept her without a dowry, demonstrating the prevalence of such challenges in society.

The video’s widespread circulation highlights the societal pressures and complexities surrounding marriage and dowry traditions in India, sparking conversations about gender equality and the importance of supportive partnerships.

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