Watch: Roger Federer Takes Over London’s Iconic Tower Bridge, Literally
Watch: Roger Federer Takes Over London’s Iconic Tower Bridge, Literally
The documentary details Roger Federer’s last days as a professional tennis player before his retirement.

One of the finest tennis players ever to grace the court, Roger Federer was last seen in action at the Laver Cup in 2022. A documentary that has captured the Swiss maestro’s final days as a professional tennis player is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video. To promote the documentary, titled Federer: Twelve Final Days, Amazon Prime Video came up with a unique promo across the iconic Tower Bridge in London. The promo shows Federer playing his final match at the 2022 Laver Cup while the other tower portrays him playing one of his earliest competitive matches. The graphics are set in such a way that it looks like a young Federer is passing the ball to the grown-up version of the tennis legend. The middle of the bridge then lights up with the documentary’s digital poster. “Federer, past and present, on Tower Bridge,” read the post shared on X (formerly Twitter).

This creative post has gathered more than two lakh views so far. A social media user commented on the technical aspect of the promo and wrote, “Projection mapping is cool but how do you project onto a void space?”

Another person wrote, “Raise the pay for whoever thought of this insane idea of publicity.”

One user said, “Wow, what an incredible honour to have your legacy immortalised on Tower Bridge! I’ve always been a huge fan of yours, Roger. From the early days of dominating tennis courts to your more recent ventures in fashion and family life, you’ve constantly inspired me with your dedication.”

Federer: Twelve Final Days is directed by British filmmaker Asif Kapadia and digital video artist Joe Sabia, who is best known for the Vogue’s 73 Questions segment. The 88-minute-long documentary premiered at the Tribeca Festival on June 10, 2024. Ten days later it was released on Prime Video.

Initially, the documentary was not made for public screening. It has been learnt that Roger Federer wanted to make a documentary to record his final days as a professional tennis player but this personal project later developed into a feature-length film.

During the film’s promotions, the legendary player revealed, “I was convinced early on that I should have some footage of the inner circle just for my life, just for the kids to see when they grow up, that they remember how it was, especially that very particular moment of my life.”

Roger Federer retired from professional tennis having won 20 Grand Slam titles. Overall, he won 103 titles, second only to Jimmy Connors’ Open Era tally of 109.

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