Remember Ron And Padma's Yule Ball? The Harry Potter Stars Reunite After 20 Years
Remember Ron And Padma's Yule Ball? The Harry Potter Stars Reunite After 20 Years
Afshan Azad shared a picture with her Harry Potter co-star, stating how parenthood has changed them in over two decades.

Potterheads assemble! Remember Ronald Weasley and his Yule Ball partner, Padma Patil? Years after their hilariously disastrous date in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, the duo have reunited. Rupert Grint and Afshan Azad, best known for portraying the young Ron and Padma, came together for a picture. Afshan shared a recent picture with her Harry Potter co-star, along with another one from the epic ball scene. In her caption, she mentioned that Ron has still not asked her for the dance.

“Padma & Ron reunited after 20+ years. Oh how parenthood has changed us all. ps He’s still not asked me to dance,” she wrote on Instagram.

In the first picture, Grant and Azad, as adults, smile at the camera with “parenthood” visibly changing them a lot, while the second one shows the two busy at Hogwarts. The picture left fans rejoicing as many took to the comment section and cherished the epic reunion. A user wrote, “Don’t you look… dashing,” while another commented, “You guys 100% carried my childhood ily.”

“All I can when I see the second pic is “Is that Hermoine Granger?” another comment read. An overjoyed fan commented, “This made me tear up- SO proud of who both of you have become and thank you for all the magic you gave us when we were kids,” while another joked, “Come on Ron! Time for you to be a better date and ask her to the dance floor!”

This came almost two years after the Harry Potter cast members came together to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the celebrated franchise. The lead actors, Daniel Radcliffe, along with Grint and Emma Watson, reunited for the Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts special.

Harry Potter TV Series

Warner Bros. Discovery is all set to bring Hogwarts magic to the television series with a new era for Harry Potter fans. Based on JK Rowling’s seven books, a Harry Potter TV series has been announced.

Makers are intending to create seasons based on every book, which is said to take ten years to complete. It is likely to premiere in 2026. While the cast lineup for the TV adaptation is yet to be revealed, fans will have to wait to see if the OG actors will reprise their roles in the future.

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