Watch: Men Take Thar In The Middle Of A Sea To Record Reels, Get Stuck
Watch: Men Take Thar In The Middle Of A Sea To Record Reels, Get Stuck
A video circulating online captures the moment when the two Mahindra Thar got stuck in the sea.

Gujarat Police have taken action against two individuals, Karan Sorathiya and Paresh Sorathiya, after they drove their Mahindra Thar into the sea near Mundra in Kutch, Gujarat. A video circulating online captures the moment when the two SUVs get stuck in sand and deep water. Reportedly, the drivers were attempting to film a stunt video for Instagram Reels but found themselves in trouble as the high tide submerged their vehicles and left them stranded in the open sea. Fortunately, locals came to help and pulled the vehicles out of the water. However, the story didn’t end there, as the Mundra Marine Police seized both SUVs. While the drivers fled the scene, the police are investigating the matter.

Both owners, Karan and Paresh, have been booked under IPC sections 279 and 114, along with sections 177 and 184 of the Motor Vehicles Act. The video shows the group of friends standing in the sea with their red and white vehicles, struggling to drive them out of the water, but they were unsuccessful.

Fortunately, no injuries or tragic incidents happened, but one of the car’s engine failed due to excessive water. Sharing the video, on X, the user wrote, “For reel mania, two youths drove two Thar cars into deep waters at Mundra beach, Kutch. High tide almost engulfed the vehicles, trapping them. With villagers’ help, Thars were retrieved, but one Jeep’s engine failed.”

Reacting to the clip, a user wrote, “Some people do not deserve capable vehicles.”

Another shared, “Don’t underestimate the power of the sea.”

“Wish they had not retrieved the cars,” a comment read.

An individual suggested, “Belt treatment needed in this case for the reel makers.”

One more added, “When rich parents support their snobbish children like this, the end result is a disaster waiting to happen.”

Previously, a tourist got into trouble after he was captured recklessly driving an SUV on Anjuna beach in Goa. A video shared online features the vehicle on the beach, but later, it gets stuck in the sand. An FIR was registered against the driver, Lalit Kumar Dayal, from Delhi. It was revealed that the car was rented from a local resident in Goa.

According to PTI, the case was also registered against the car owner, Sangeeta Gavadalkar, for providing their private vehicle on rent to the accused.

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