Bengal Man Eats Rice In Pond Amid Scorching Heat
Bengal Man Eats Rice In Pond Amid Scorching Heat
Following the video's popularity, the Ghosh family has transformed their property into Bellas Garden.

In the summer heat and with no rain in sight, a humorous video from Ashoknagar, North 24 Parganas in Kolkata has captured the hearts of social media users. The video shows a man named Shibu Ghosh bathing in a pond with a plate of rice, playfully eating while cooling off in the water. This quirky incident was originally intended as a light-hearted joke to entertain online audiences, and it quickly went viral.

Following the video’s popularity, the Ghosh family has transformed their property, just a stone’s throw from the Ashoknagar police station, into Bellas Garden. This garden offers separate accommodations for overnight stays and has become a local attraction where visitors can immerse themselves in nature. It’s an ideal spot for hosting small gatherings, from birthdays to casual get-togethers.

Bellas Garden features a variety of amenities to ensure guests enjoy their stay. Since the video went viral, people from various locations have been drawn to experience the serene setting and hospitality offered by Shibu Ghosh. Visitors can relax with friends and order food as desired. The viral video has not only brought attention to this unique spot but also made Bellas Garden a popular destination for those looking to enjoy a peaceful retreat.

Wednesday’s maximum temperature was the lowest Kolkata has seen in over two weeks, but the high humidity continued to cause discomfort. The sky was cloudy for most of the day. According to a Met bulletin, the monsoon, which the city and much of south Bengal are eagerly awaiting for some relief, is “two to three days away”. Even after the monsoon arrives, south Bengal is unlikely to get heavy rain, said a Met official.

The temperature in Kolkata today June 20, is 31.28°C. The forecast for the day indicates a minimum temperature of 29.5°C and a maximum of 36.84°C. Tomorrow, Friday, June 21, the city is expected to have a minimum temperature of 26.81°C and a maximum of 36.86°C.

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